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Why Paper Cup?

Paper cups are becoming more and more important in the workplace and in our daily lives. These cardboard cups, which are very easy to use, have become an important time in our lives.

Paper cup; It is a disposable product for the consumption of all hot and cold beverages. The most important feature compared to foam and plastic cups is that it is healthier in the consumption of hot drinks. Since the cardboard cup is produced from natural cellulose, there is no risk of the heated raw material mixing with the beverage.

It takes a long time for plastic products to disappear in nature. However, due to its structure, cardboard cups dissolve much more quickly in nature and cause much less harm than plastic cups. If we think that the world we live in will exist after us, we should consider the fact that we will leave a cleaner world to the next generations as a fact that we should always keep in mind.

How Should Paper Cups Be Selected?

One of the most important issues to be considered in the selection of cardboard cups is the weight and quality of the raw material.

Features of Our Products

Flesko printing system, which is the latest production technology, is used and it does not smell and leak. Our cardboard cups, which are colored according to the wishes of our customers, are suitable for all kinds of drinks.